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Mosaic is a lovely and versatile art form…or is it a craft?!  I started doing mosaic as a hobby but it is now my full time work in different forms. I teach in my own studio, in schools and various arts and health venues (see other pages for more information).

The benefits (for people’s emotional and mental well-being) of ‘doing’ arts/crafts have been studied and proven so I am thrilled to be part of this journey for some ‘students’. People don’t have to be amazing at art to enjoy mosaic. They can produce a beautiful piece of art which is a very simple pattern/design and completing their project gives them a great sense of achievement.  Students can get lost in time whilst making mosaics and they often say that they are able to ‘switch off’.

My approach to teaching is to provide information and instruction but also a space of safety and nurturing to allow people to grow in confidence… and sometimes they start to see colours, art, nature and the world differently.

I don’t want to sound like a terrible sales person and yet I believe passionately in the benefits of people learning to do something artistic or making things for themselves.