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The benefits (for people’s emotional and mental well-being) of ‘doing’ art/craft have been studied and proven so I am thrilled to be part of this journey for some people. I thought that my art form just happened to be mosaic, but there seems to be something very calming and satisfying about cutting and sticking!

People don’t have to be amazing at art to enjoy mosaic. They can produce a beautiful piece of art which is a very simple pattern/design and completing their project gives them a great sense of achievement and more confidence in their abilities. Students can get lost in time whilst making mosaics and really ‘switch off’.

My approach to teaching is to provide information and instruction but also a space of safety and nurturing to allow people to grow in confidence… and sometimes they start to see colours, art, nature and the world differently.

I am now living and working in Berkshire but, until recently, I have worked as part of a team of Artists on different projects in Gloucestershire;

Artlift – an arts and health referral scheme for people with mild mental health problems. See www.artlift.org

Your Future – is a project working with families experiencing domestic abuse. I have been teaching mosaic classes for the women who have been affected by such abuse.   See  www.gloucestershire.gov.uk/extra/yourfuture

Mr Gekko

Mr Gekko

Maggie’s Centre – Cheltenham –  is a centre for anyone with any type of cancer (and their families and friends) offering practical, emotional and social support.  I have recently started mosaic sessions at Maggie’s. We hope that it can continue as a form of diversional therapy for visitors to the centre.

For further information about Maggie’s Centre, see www.maggiescentres.org

Maggie's Gallery so far

Maggie’s Gallery ……. so far